5 Warnings

We passed this sign on the way back from the Melbourne Museum on route to our hotel…

and here is the reason for the warning


5 Outdoors

The outdoors is now WHITE says Witchy, I can see white for miles from up here 🙂

4 Yummy

Just to show you that we actually had some proper food inbetween the cakes on our holiday 🙂 This is New Year’s Eve dinner at the Sebel Kirkton hotel in Adelaide and I had the duck which was divine! I am saving the pudding for later 🙂 This was taken with my new iPhone4S.

3 Zoo

comparethemeerkats.com 🙂 these little cute fellowes live at Adelaide Zoo together with a whole host of other animals, both Australian and from the rest of the world. This is the first time I’ve seen Meerkats in real life (when we went to Longleat in the UK their meerkats refused to show themselves, which could have been because the rain was a bit heavy maybe :-))

He has got a blog too, I think he shares it with most of the other animals at the zoo. Klick in HERE

2 Agriculture

I saw this gate on our travels, and I think it might have been in Bordertown or nearby. I told my husband to drive up to it so I could wind down the car window and take the picture 🙂 I have used a couple of Topaz 5 Adjust filters on it. Without the filters it looked like this, see below:

Canon IXUS 970IS

Back to reality

This is what we saw when we got back home, the ground nearly covered with the white stuff. Witchy likes it, we put up with it and as long as it does not get down to minus 22 we are quite happy. The winter so far has been green here around Stockholm and it has only been down to minus 6 since we got back, which is not too bad really.

Still very jet lagged and the body clock is completely out of kilter, wakes me up around 4 in the morning and insists on going to bed around 7pm at the very latest. The older you get the worse the jet lag seems to get.  Went to my yoga class this afternoon and actually feel a bit more energised now, maybe yoga can help me get over the jet lag quicker? Not just yet though, I can hear the sofa calling 🙂

2 Eating

Not quite week two yet but  not too far off 🙂 a small selection of coffee breakes…my husband said we should put a collection of our coffee break cakes together with a calorie counter next to them. So here goes (without the calorie counter though and not all cakes so far, and, we have had some proper food as well 🙂 )


Out and about in the car in the wet tropics

Our first day in Cairns we took the tour with Sky Rail up to Kuranda Village and then the heritage train back. It was a cloudy day and great for exploring, see HERE and HERE

We hired a car for two days when we stayed in Cairns and drove in a big loop down towards Innisfail and back to Cairns. See some images from that trip here. We stopped to look at the Babinda Boulders and Josephine waterfall. It was warm and humid (but nothing compared to the +45 we experienced in Victoria).