1 Playground

The Big Rocking Horse and toy factory in the Adelaide Hills, Australia on the 1 Jan 2012, +40 degrees – VERY HOT.

from a different angle:


10 comments on “1 Playground

  1. Now I want a pic of you up there on it! LOL There you go, rubbing in your warm summer weather! I think I just might be spending our winters with YOU! 🙂

  2. That’s pretty nifty! The little picnic table with the blue umbrella in the background add a lot to your ground level perspective.

    +40??? Wow … I’ll say that’s hot.

  3. Wow – being 4’10” tall I’d never get up there! What a great first image. Looking forward to seeing more images of Australia.

  4. Great start and what a rocking horse! Those of us from Elements Village should get a nice worldwide tour, with all the places promised by participants!

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