and it got even hotter – +45 on the way to Horsham (Australia)

We travelled in our rental car, a really nice Ford something or other 🙂 that had good AC but when temperatures soared up to +45 it did struggle a bit. It is very dry around here most in places (every now and again a very green field turned up, must have been watered I suppose).

What saved our day this public holiday when everything was closed (2 jan) was this Lions charity with Free coffee and sandwiches outside Dimboola, Victoria. It was like stepping out into an oven! I’m quite sure it was even hotter than the +45 the car showed, and the two ladies in there serving the coffee etc deserves a medal, no air conditioning and only a meek fan.

 and shortly before Dimboola, the outside temp was only +44 🙂

ps. at home (in Stockholm, Sweden that is, they had +7 and rain on the 2 jan)…the weather is out of kilter.

pps. I will put up more links to other bloggers as soon as I get more internet time, hotel internet time is limited, I will try to follow as many of you as possible 🙂


10 comments on “and it got even hotter – +45 on the way to Horsham (Australia)

  1. There you go again..rubbing in those warm days! It was actually warm here too….35 degress lol Looks like a fun day though!

  2. My mom always wanted a hot cup of coffee on a hot day….said it cooled her off…. I prefer ice tea or other cold drink. Thanks for a peek at your travels. I want to visit down under someday. Will bring my own tea.

  3. Good job you did email me since your email address sits nicely in my home computer. Adelaide had the hottest 1 Jan in 100 years 🙂

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