Out and about in the car in the wet tropics

Our first day in Cairns we took the tour with Sky Rail up to Kuranda Village and then the heritage train back. It was a cloudy day and great for exploring, see HERE and HERE

We hired a car for two days when we stayed in Cairns and drove in a big loop down towards Innisfail and back to Cairns. See some images from that trip here. We stopped to look at the Babinda Boulders and Josephine waterfall. It was warm and humid (but nothing compared to the +45 we experienced in Victoria).


5 comments on “Out and about in the car in the wet tropics

  1. I think I will continue commenting when you start posting here!, as Jumping back and forth has caused me to lose the link twice today! Thank You.

  2. Have enjoyed your travel photos…especially the one with the pool at the top of the rapids..that really caught my eye and would be so awesome to see in person.

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