Back to reality

This is what we saw when we got back home, the ground nearly covered with the white stuff. Witchy likes it, we put up with it and as long as it does not get down to minus 22 we are quite happy. The winter so far has been green here around Stockholm and it has only been down to minus 6 since we got back, which is not too bad really.

Still very jet lagged and the body clock is completely out of kilter, wakes me up around 4 in the morning and insists on going to bed around 7pm at the very latest. The older you get the worse the jet lag seems to get.  Went to my yoga class this afternoon and actually feel a bit more energised now, maybe yoga can help me get over the jet lag quicker? Not just yet though, I can hear the sofa calling 🙂


9 comments on “Back to reality

  1. Not a lot of snow here this winter either. Our dogs always enjoyed running and jumping through the snow also. Actually I miss having a thick blanket of snow as we do enjoy cross country skiing.

  2. BRRRRRRR but Witchy looks happy!

    Don’t you hate jet lag…it always takes me a few days to adjust…..enjoy that sofa!

  3. Absolutely! Always good fun and interesting being on holiday, but towards the end of it I have to admit to feeling a little bit homesick (that is when you have been away for a month). The Swedish saying “borta bra men hemma bäst” roughly translates as away is good but home is best and that is so true.

  4. Bet Witchy is soooo glad you’re back! I can’t say I’ve ever been away from home more than 12 days since I’ve been married (36+years) Can’t imagine a month away!!

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