Today it was exactly 1 year since

Roscoe left us for the big sheep farm in the sky. Witchy and I lit a candle in the morning that has been burning all day for our friend.  This photo of Roscoe was taken a few years ago in our garden.


12 comments on “Today it was exactly 1 year since

  1. Roscoe looks like he was such a sweet dog…..his face seems to show so much personality….can see why you miss him….glad you now have Witchy to enjoy!

  2. What a handsome fella. My mom has Border Collies, they’re amazing! We still hold vigil for my childhood dog that crossed the rainbow bridge 7 years ago. A good dog never really leaves us. RIP Roscoe.

  3. What a handsome portrait of Roscoe! He looks so very silky and has that endearing cocked ear that so many border collies have. Am sure he and Bailey are having the best of times chasing around in the hereafter, comparing notes on their lives on earth. I thought of Bailey the other day when I drove up the slippery, snowy driveway…When he heard us turn into the driveway, he used to appear in the middle of the drive at the crest and force one to stop right there. Many times we had to back down and take a second run at it in order to make it up the whole way…a rascal, he was!! Am sure you must have many funny stories that keep Roscoe’s memory alive also.

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