17 Colours

This is the fairground in Warrnambool where we stayed for 2 nights during our Oz holiday. Lovely place and a great hotel near the beach.


16 Jovial

If you aren’t already jovial, you might well be after these rather generous servings of wine. This was the pre-dinner drinks we were given on the train.

15 Nature

Spring seems to be in the air, finally. We have had 2 days with +4 or more and the snow is melting rapidly. The footpaths are icy and you have to wear boots with studs underneath, but it won’t last long now so we do it happily. Several bare patches out in the garden and not much snow left on the roof 🙂

This image was captured with my iPhone 4S, the little wood we go though for many of our walkies, the dog and I.

Comfort 1 of 366

Our cabin on the Indian Pacific train. This is a platinum cabin and I am glad that my husband insisted on travelling in style 🙂 we had our own little bathroom with toilet and shower cubicle (the gold cabins had to share toilet and shower facilities in the corridor and they did not look too hot).

14 Kitchen

Well, sort of kitchen anyway. This is the little pantry at the end of the platinum carriage on the Indian Pacific train. You could go and get your own tea or coffe, bisquits and fruit at any time during the journey, it was all included, the train stewardess came with coffee and nibbles or wine etc before all the meals as well.

Photo taken with the Canon IXUS070IS compact camera. Not the best of lighting.

13 Urban

I have loads of photos from the few days in Melbourne and it is hard to choose which one to use, so I use two for this theme. I think these two illustrates urban fairly good. Melbourne is a very photogenic city with lots of interesting buildings – and trams 🙂 that will have to be a totally separate post in itself. I have to confess to having become a bit of a tram-o-holic 🙂 after our stay in Melbourne. The overhead power cables creates a huge spider’s web like.

12 Inviting

I saw this journal in a book shop window in the Harbourtown shopping complex in Melbourne.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to crop out the faces in the background or not…decided to keep them. What do you think?

10 Travel

The Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth, here at Sydney. We only went to Adelaide though so one night on the train. It was a very intresting  journey and you got to see a lot of the countryside between Sydney and Adelaide. We saw quite a few Emus, lots of Kangaroos, one big Eagle and Rabbits. No camels 😦

Inspection of our “home” for two days…photos of the interior might follow later in the series 🙂