6 Activities

We found this equestrian centre at Werribee on our travels down to Melbourne and being a horse lover with a past working with horses I couldn’t resist taking a closer look. All sorts of equestrian sports were going on, polo, dressage, event training and showing.


6 comments on “6 Activities

  1. Ron’s right, one of my favourite local places is the Open Range Zoo right next door to the Equestrian Centre, but as stars were not aligned in our favour…..hopefully next trip you make downunder.

  2. Beautiful horse and love the posture of the rider. Think some cloning and a closer crop might have worked well here. Interesting activity though.

  3. I will certainly give it a go, not sure what you want cloned, could it be the horse droppings :-)? I have been suffering from a very aching muscle in my right arm hence the infrequency in blogging. Mouse arm I think it is called 🙂

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