8 Flowers

A blue sage growing outside the Melbourne Museum.


7 comments on “8 Flowers

  1. Sage has such strong blue color, looks so warm and lovely, I want spring now. If you been to Melbourne maybe you visited their fantastic botanic garden also? Been there some years ago and would not mind going back again

  2. Beautiful contrasting colours…great to see you have filled the frame with the green….so much more powerful as an image with that composition

  3. All I can say is I am jealous…instead of looking at these beautiful flowers I am looking at a blanket of white!

  4. Tammy, you are not alone, I am looking out on a blanket of white as well now 😦 this image is from our Aussie holiday and I have to admit to wishing I was back there now and then. Today however, we have had a glorious day with only -4 and sunshine! Spring is around the corner, according to the evening papers at least:-)

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