11 Beginnings

This is at the beginning of our trip on the Indian Pacific, it was a very sunny day and unfortunately the sky got very over exposed and I have not managed to sort that problem out, yet. This is on the platform at the Sydney railway terminal before we could board the train.


5 comments on “11 Beginnings

  1. Hmm, this was taken with my Canon IXUS 970IS compact camera. sort of manual settings as far as that can do;
    1/500 second
    f 3.2
    ISO 400
    focal lenght 6.6 mm (equivalent 35 mm: 39mm

    not sure if I can change the meter mode on this camera and I have to admit to not being very good at that with the SLR either. I need more practice on those things.

  2. Like the leading lines on the platform. Trip beginnings are always filled with anticipation….will look forward to seeing images from your journey.

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