This is what we woke up to today, the 31st of March!



Far from home

I think this is probably the furthest away from home I have been. The mangrove inlet, Port Douglas, Qeensland. We took a trip on the Lady Douglas up and down the inlet. Saw a few crocs and had some bubbly, as you do 🙂 This one was taken with my Canon EOS400D.

Witchy is not a happy bunny (or border collie for that matter)

She has to wear this plastic contraption nearly all the time so that she cannot get at the stitches.  Only when out on the limited walkies she is allowed to take it off (she wants to have a word with Stella Joy on how she managed to escape such contraptions?). She had the op yesterday and was a little groggy last evening and night so she slept well till 6.30 this morning.  She is also starting to shed her hair in droves….

She is supposed to have this on for 10 days until the stitches are taken out, hmmm. She copes okay and can actually drink water with it on. I think I am more worried about it than she is.

Signs – from 366 themes

The Victoria Markets in Melbourne must be one of my favourite places. So much to see and the fresh vegetables, both organic and not organic looked amazing. Most images from the market were captured with the little compact Canon camera, and this is one of them.

23 Design


Nature’s own design-:) Witchy and I pass this little wooden thingy often on our walkies. The trusty iPhone 4 captured it.