Stand Out from the 366 theme list

One of Witchy’s favourite things to do out on our walkies is to climb up to rocks, tree stumps or whatever else is climbable 🙂 she likes to stand out me thinks (and she also likes to get a little treat for doing it :-)) Photographed with my trustys iPhone4S


10 comments on “Stand Out from the 366 theme list

  1. this is sweet, it is real pose, beautiful dog also wonderful spot of going out for walks

  2. Great capture of Witchy! I think borders have to see what is going on and are so smart they know how to take advantage of any helpful perch. If Stella can’t see what someone is doing after she hears them, she rises up on her hind legs or takes little jumps in order to check out what is going on. Might be the little hunter in them too!

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