Witchy is not a happy bunny (or border collie for that matter)

She has to wear this plastic contraption nearly all the time so that she cannot get at the stitches.  Only when out on the limited walkies she is allowed to take it off (she wants to have a word with Stella Joy on how she managed to escape such contraptions?). She had the op yesterday and was a little groggy last evening and night so she slept well till 6.30 this morning.  She is also starting to shed her hair in droves….

She is supposed to have this on for 10 days until the stitches are taken out, hmmm. She copes okay and can actually drink water with it on. I think I am more worried about it than she is.


12 comments on “Witchy is not a happy bunny (or border collie for that matter)

  1. Absolutely, she gets spoiled even more now, more walkies since she is only allowed to walk 100-150 m on a lead (baa, humbug in Witchys opinion). She has nice dog bed in the livingroom where we have our TV so she can lie comfortably wathing the box 🙂 she even comes and sticks her head back into the plastic cone when she has been out now. Maybe she hears even better with the “satellite dish” on. However, we are counting the days till it can be removed for good.

  2. Poor baby! It’s not an easy thing to watch them struggle with that thing on….great shot though!

  3. I’d be more worried about the damage she can do with it lol I hope she heals up fast! Just tell her that it is a necklace! 🙂

  4. Poor kiddo! We call this the cone of shame. If she only knew how lucky she is to be tall…our English Bulldog’s neck is so large, and legs are so short, that if he even glances down while walking his gets caught on the floor and he gets flipped over. It’s borderline dangerous (but hilarious). 🙂

  5. Oh, for shame! I’m so late in seeing this that Witchy is probably 100% by now…at least I hope she is! I don’t know why Stella didn’t have to wear one. We have a small cat sized one from when our Peaches was spayed…she hated it and would run around the house trying to escape it…I think it was bad in that she was more stressed out wearing it, but at least she couldn’t lick her sutures too much.

  6. Yes, she is just fine now, a bit of a bare tummy still. The other week when we had the snowstorm in the morning she did not really want to go out (it was -10 celsius) and that has never happened before.

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