25 Health

Walking around in the Victora Market in Melbourne was a treat in colours and textures and smells. This was in the Organic part.


12 comments on “25 Health

  1. Yepp, it was an amazing place, I wish we could have bought food to take home with us, so fresh (but it would not have been after a 24 hour flight to Sweden 😦 ).

  2. our village in france is gm free~and the co-op has the best veg and fruits, but of the funniest shapes and look at the size of that one bin of potatoes! neat photo

  3. I LOVE the organic veggies…you have me impatiently waiting for our markets to open! I love the blocks of colors and textures!

  4. Yum..now I’m hungry for something other than a hothouse tomato! Will be soon time to put peas, radishes etc into the garden again. Wow, where did the time go?

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