and our walkie continues

since wordpress refused us the extra images yesterday we will try again today to finish yesterdays walkie.

When we turned left, this is what we saw….

and even more snow a bit further into the shady part of the forest.

But we only had to walk for about 20 metres to get to the sunny side again and all snow was gone there….

and from this point it is only a a very short walk out onto the gravel road…we turned right passing this old gnarled tree.

Witchy lead the way…

just a few metres and there is a small path out into the field with all the Xmas trees…

from here it takes us no more than 10 minutes to get home.

and this image is older and was made B&W, it is a usual pose for Witchy when she gets home first.




9 comments on “and our walkie continues

  1. that patch of snow is a bit daunting, love love love the last photo~I imagine she could be saying, ‘what took you guys soooo long’, all beautiful shots

  2. No wonder Witchie likes that walk….I would too! So much exploring to do along the way…I like how you broke up the series with that close-up of the tree trunk.

  3. I see by the last shot, that we are ready to go out exploring again, but is that tree in the middle where she picks up her “PeeMail”?

  4. Looks like Witchy is checking out which of her canine friends has been by the path before her. I too love the patient expression she has while waiting for you on the step. Stella likes to sit on the steps and watch the activity but she puts her butt and hind legs on the top step and then her front ones on the next lower step. Looks pretty silly. Have been trying to snap a photo of her doing that but no luck so far.

  5. Witchy has her butt on the the higher step too, it is difficult to see at this angle. She usually sits like a human on steps etc, she just does not have that long legs to be able to have both hind legs and but on the top step and front legs on the lowest step. I have a few photos that are better on her sitting style 🙂 but where they have emigrated too, only God knows 🙂

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