April Fool’s day has moved


Brrr, today, Saturday, the day after Friday the 13th, it looks like this outside! Minus1 and still snowing. Most people had changed from studded winter tyres to summer tyres by now. I’m glad we do not have to drive anywhere today. The fire is burning an the Grand National will be on the telly this afternoon.


5 comments on “April Fool’s day has moved

  1. I would be speaking to someone about this :>) goodness too cold looking for an April day….you’ll not be swinging for a while, lovely photo tho not great weather

  2. A dreadful trick! The blue toning adds to the cold feel of your image. I think we’ll all rejoice with you when Spring comes your way!

  3. Now this looks like what WE usually get. We are currently having a really nice rain which we were in dire need of. Have had almost an inch so far. Stella isn’t so lily-white now! Hope this disappears fast for you. A fire and the Grand National sounds like just the cure for this nastiness!

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