35 Justice

This little alley way is in Ballarat, a very strange place in Oz. We stayed one night on our travels and the town was sort of dead, not much open in terms of shops, lots of boarded up shops that looked abandoned and very few restaurants open.  They had the biggest McDonalds I have ever seen.


34 Games

Flying a kite at Warrnambool beach in January, I was quite impressed by this pirate ship kite.


Even the trees in our nearby wood seem to have become religious these days. It is a conservation area and very little logging or other management takes place there.




All the apple trees are now in full bloom, it is such a lovely sight. Where we live used to be full of plant nurseries and some of the trees seem to have escaped out into the woods around us.

33 Summer


All the leaves are green…. And sunshine and warmth finally arrivef. This weekend temperatures soared to over +30 in the sunshine, 25 in the shade.

31 XFactor

For us, seeing the little Hedgehog paddling along in front of our front- porch one morning as we were having our morning coffee in the sunshine (one day we had sunshine lately :-), definitely has the X-factor.