Witchy didn’t make it through after all. We got her home for one night to see if she would be happier and more herself if she came home, but no, she was very low and did not eat and just lay in her basket most of the time. The next day we went back to the vet hospital and an ultrasound showed that the intestine had been perforated and not healed properly so all the fluids just ran out into the abdomen. She got a little bit happier once we got back to the hospital, it was as though she knew she would get help there. We had to let her go to sleep since there was nothing more that could be done.

So now she is back with her friends, Ebba and Roscoe and quite a few other too I hope.  I got to have her as my very best friend for 8 1/2 years.



Some time ago we bought two of these mini Le Creuset pots with lids just because they were so cute and I love the colour. Not untill the other day when Witchy and I had been out picking chanterelle mushrooms could we think of something to make in them. Mushroom risotto, with salmon coated with tea leaves and pan fried and seasonal vegetables. It was very tasty.




Keep your fingers and claws for Withy today. She is in hospital with a dodgy tummy and ultrasound showed something foreign in the intestine (can’t remember which one at the moment). She became sick and lost her breakfast yesterday morning and kept being sick so in the afternoon we took her to the vets hospital. She is in good hands, but it is still a worrying time. I love my little dog.


I think it is our duty to try and save anyone in need. This little Bumblebee ended up in some trouble after heavy rains (I think) and sat rather exhausted on a Lobelia flower in our front garden. We picked him/her up and gave some honey…..put him/her on a flowering shrub after a while. Some time later no bumble to bee seen, so what happened next is unclear.