This is my Quest now! To make dog owners aware of the hidden dangers in dog treats. These are the nasty so called dental chews that cost me my dog’s life and myself an awful lot of money in vet bills. So I want to warn all you dog owners out there not to buy any dog chews based on corn starch and other vegetarian ingredients. I have yet to learn about a vegetarian dog and as far as I have been told by an expert in dog nutrition these products cannot be fully digestible in a carnivore. They are imported by many companies all over Europe and most likely in the US as well. I believe they are manufactured in China so they come under many labels.

the bits next to the hedgehog are the bits they took out of Witchy’s small intestine and the biggest bit was 9cm long.


11 comments on “Quests

  1. What a great warning…we used to buy Greenies (which look the same as these almost) but every time my dogs ate them they got sick. So now we just brush their teeth lol

  2. The thing is that you have to be careful even with rawhide these days, some unscrupulous manufacturers use dangerous heavy metals in the process with rawhide and a few years ago there was a big scandal with arsenic in chews coming from China.

  3. I was just thinking of you and hoping you were adjusting without Witchy before reading this post. What a horrible way to learn the truth about these chews however, I am glad you are able to share and alert pet owners about the dangers.

  4. OMG, we buy a ‘green label’ chewy (not the same but with cornstarch base), expensive too, I’ve just put them directly into the bin, THANK YOU for sharing this and I will help in your awareness campaign…so many questions come up, I am again sorry Witchy suffered~you’ll have saved many a pet from going through the same thing.

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