Just to perk you up, we have had some sunshine as well

Amongst all the grey and gloomy winter days. This was taken with my iPhone on the 8th December.



Here comes the snow….

All of a sudden winter came, we have had nearly 10cm of snow the last few days. At the moment it is -6 Celcius outside. Inside – warm as toast with the fire burning.


Our favourite vista…



Lucky on the horses


We have just been over to the UK for a mini holiday and on one of the days we went to the races at Bangor-on-Dee. This grey horse, Balbriggan, gave us a good return on our £5 bet. He won and we got £96 -:) the most I have ever won on a horse.


or actually surprisingly fast – for a snail anyway – this one covered about 2 metres in less than 30 min.

must have been tough in the tall grass (due to constant raining I had not been able to mow the lawn in days.