Into the woods


Another one of our favourite walkies takes us longer into the woods. I don’t think these are planted trees, but who knows it is now a nature reserve so nothing much is done to these woods. If a tree falls down it is left lying for insects and alike to live in.


Witchy marks out some wood anemonies, these are the blue ones called Anemone Hepatica, the white ones are Anemone Nemorosa.




On the lookout for deer…

Last week, before the snow came down again, we saw several roe deer on our afternoon walkie. I was trying to capture them with my iPhone, Witchy kept her eagle, sorry, bordet collie eye out too.


April Fool’s day has moved


Brrr, today, Saturday, the day after Friday the 13th, it looks like this outside! Minus1 and still snowing. Most people had changed from studded winter tyres to summer tyres by now. I’m glad we do not have to drive anywhere today. The fire is burning an the Grand National will be on the telly this afternoon.

and our walkie continues

since wordpress refused us the extra images yesterday we will try again today to finish yesterdays walkie.

When we turned left, this is what we saw….

and even more snow a bit further into the shady part of the forest.

But we only had to walk for about 20 metres to get to the sunny side again and all snow was gone there….

and from this point it is only a a very short walk out onto the gravel road…we turned right passing this old gnarled tree.

Witchy lead the way…

just a few metres and there is a small path out into the field with all the Xmas trees…

from here it takes us no more than 10 minutes to get home.

and this image is older and was made B&W, it is a usual pose for Witchy when she gets home first.



28 Work

Cleaning the tram tracks in Melbourne – this purpose built machine worked the circle line one day when we were waiting to hop on to the Circle line tram. Melbourne certainly provided a whole host of photo opportunities 🙂

We continued straight up from our Vista

Today Witchy asked to continue straight on, up towards the powerlines. It was very windy and rather cold so getting away from the wind was nice. There are always lots of nice smells on the forest floor i




Still a little bit of snow left on the ground.

We continue up along the powerlines, there is it usually more sunshine.

We stopped and looked around for  a while before deciding to turn left here….there is a path not visible in this photo…

For some reason wordpress did not want to accept one more image in this post, I will continue the walkie tomorrow 🙂

and today we turned right after about 20 metres

after first turning left on the road on top of the Vista we turned right up towards the powerlines. It was a sunny but rather chilly day, the wind was definitely coming from the north so we turned again in amongst the trees to get out of the wind. There is this little stream that Witchy likes to drink from – and spring has definitely sprung here. It is lovely to hear the sound of running water…..

and after a lovely walkie we went home again, through the vista but from the other direction….