We continued straight up from our Vista

Today Witchy asked to continue straight on, up towards the powerlines. It was very windy and rather cold so getting away from the wind was nice. There are always lots of nice smells on the forest floor i




Still a little bit of snow left on the ground.

We continue up along the powerlines, there is it usually more sunshine.

We stopped and looked around for  a while before deciding to turn left here….there is a path not visible in this photo…

For some reason wordpress did not want to accept one more image in this post, I will continue the walkie tomorrow 🙂


7 comments on “We continued straight up from our Vista

  1. Fun being along on your walkie…Stella is in the doghouse this afternoon for going down to the county road at the end of our driveway and following (chasing) a bicycle! The road is busy enough that she was putting herself in danger of injury or worse. We thought we had her trained to never go farther than the grainery but I guess youth got the best of her. Since I didn’t see it (grandson reported this), I couldn’t suitably verbally scold her…as that ALWAYS makes an impression and she doesn’t repeat past errors. I will look forward to continuing on the path tomorrow! Happy Easter and a bunny to chase for Witchy!

  2. Poor Stella, but I know how you feel. Witchy never chases anything (on the odd occasion she might chase a magpie but nothing else, not even if I try to get her to chase away the neighbour’s cat from our flowerbeds), Roscoe however, chased absolutely anything that moved, or tried to herd it. I could never have him off the lead near any roads. He had so much herding instinct (and not enough sheep -Roscoe’s remark).

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