Keep your fingers and claws for Withy today. She is in hospital with a dodgy tummy and ultrasound showed something foreign in the intestine (can’t remember which one at the moment). She became sick and lost her breakfast yesterday morning and kept being sick so in the afternoon we took her to the vets hospital. She is in good hands, but it is still a worrying time. I love my little dog.


5 comments on “Love

  1. I just heard from the vet, they had found two pieces of black plastic (or rubber) stuck fast in the small intestine. No wonder the poor darling was in pain. The surgery had gone well and she is now recovering under supervision and will stay at the hospital over the weekend. Looks like everything really will be okay. I am relieved 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update, it can be a worry, I wish they would learn to speak so we can ask them questions and get answers. Fingers still crossed.

  3. Such great news…glad she is on the mend! Gotta tell her she can only eat food lol!!! Can hardly wait for her to be home in your arms! 🙂

  4. Glad to hear Withy is OK. We had a Wheaton Terrier who ate a six foot nylon leash when she was a puppy. The vet called her “super dog” because she got rid of it without surgery. She also ate my diamond earring . . . I never found it, and we still loved her.

    Great photo of a great looking dog!

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