Cannot link from the 52 theme page anymore?!

Has anyone else had the same problem in WordPress?  I noticed today that two of my previous posts were not linked from the 52 week’s page and try to rectify that. Tried 3 times but to no avail, wordpress just did not want to link the permalinks to the themes! It works fine from the 366 themes page.

Rather annoying to say the least.


8 comments on “Cannot link from the 52 theme page anymore?!

  1. …and just had a go from your theme page…and I can link to the individual images but you dont seem to have many links there

  2. Well, we are only in week 10 so obviously not many more links from that page 🙂 I had problems with the characters and vistas posts, they did not want to link from the 52 theme page

  3. I don’t think there is a requirement to put a permalink from your various posts on to your themes pages, I have just chosen to do that so that I (and other people) can see which themes I have covered if they go to my theme pages. And now, I the permalinks just won’t stick on the “one a week page”. No problem on the 366 themes page though and I cannot figure out what’s wrong 😦

  4. That happened to me last year Cathy and I only found it because I was using 5 colours to mark the images completed and when a colour went grey I just relinked it. This year I am doing things willy nilly so won’t have thatchance. You do realize that the 366 list already incorporates the 52 list don’t you, so you don’t need a second page. here is my themes list last year completed

  5. Yepp, I know that the 52 themes are in the 366 as well, but it seemed good to have the two in case I could only manage 52 images. It should still work from both pages though should it not?

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